Topic-fronting with “I know from”

Reading Barbara’s lovely discussion about “how local to go”, I was blindsided by this amazing sentence: Cornmeal, we know from, but millet — to most Appalachians, that stuff is birdseed. The “we know from” construction is fairly familiar to me from informal speech and writing. It’s a favorite of Sars. A few examples from her: […]

Vegan WTF coordination

I saw an example in the wild world of vegan blogging today of what Language Log calls WTF coordination (aka syllepsis): With a dough hook and the mixer running, add remaining flour and knead another 5 minutes. If this sentence doesn’t strike you as strange, note that “a dough hook” and “the mixer running” are […]

Working on a weekend: with wine

I think wine should always accompany weekend work. Loosens up the synapses, and makes one care less that one is not relaxing, because one is relaxed, anyway. I enjoyed this interesting linguistic slipup: “Pullum, however, doesn’t really take Gelernter’s argument seriously, presumably because it’s absurd and ignorant and doesn’t deserve to be.” Parts of this […]