The kinds of conversations on the Internet that recur and recur and never end

How people arrange their financial accounts with their significant other. What kind of car people drive and why they like it or hate it. What personality type people are in some system, and whether that system rocks/sucks/is scientifically valid/is total bullshit. [Added 9/22] What kind of houseware people own, or wish they owned, or have […]

Dear social networks

Dear Facebook, You know all those people with whom I have mutual friends? The ones you like to suggest I befriend? Did you ever wonder if there might be a reason why I am not friends with those people? Please stop telling me who you think I should be friends with, or suggesting that my […]

Peevishly honored

I got linked by Arnold Zwicky! The trackback ended up on the first entry in that month, because his link doesn’t lead to the entry itself, but rather to all entries for the month of August, of which that one appears to be first, but is actually the last. In blogging “the last shall be […]

austenbook: AWESOMEST EVER

Austenbook The above set me to what probably sounded like a horrible crying/coughing fit but was actually out-of-control laughter, thigh-slapping, &c., much like my recent discovery of Dogs in Elk and I Has a Sweet Potato. Hat tip for Austenbook: Shari. Thank you, Shari!

The fifth law

…or maybe the zeroth. :) My boss added a 5th law of PMing today: 5. If you think you just received everything you need to move forward, chances are good you’re wrong. A moment ago, I was sitting, carefully removing pumpkin puree from my hand blender with a finger, and wondering how many other people […]

Laws of Project Management

I wrote this as a little light work joke, but it’s funny in part because these situations do tend to keep cropping up… The Laws of Project Management 1. There is no spec.      1a. If there is a spec, it will change as soon as you start work. 2. There are never as many resources […]


According to Michael Pollan, rocket is also the “proper American name” for arugula: It is true you might want to plant iceberg lettuce rather than arugula, at least to start. (Or simply call arugula by its proper American name, as generations of Midwesterners have done: “rocket.”) Arugula is the Italian name for it, so I’m […]

I’m lost…on the internet?

I’m sort of reluctant to post this lest they track me down, but apparently I’m not only a lost alumna of the AYSP (Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program), but a lost alumna on the internet! Please, don’t turn me in! I’d like to stay missing. I get enough monetary requests from old institutions as it is.