Ending the 101

In other goal-related news, I decided last night that I’m ending my 101 in 1001 (which should go until November 9, 2009). Why? When I started the 101 in Febuary 2007, I was in something of a life funk. I’d been doing the same basic thing for almost a year — same job, same apartment, […]

The 101, trimmed

I was starting to find my 101 list very hard to read, especially with all the commentary and editing I had done, so here is the trimmed-down current list. Completed or negated goals removed, including completed parts of goals (so, e.g. sushi and onigiri is now just onigiri), and all goals in edited form only. […]

101 in 1001 #49: Bike advocacy volunteering: BTWD 2008

So Thursday was Bike to Work Day, for which I was determined to do something more than just biking to work. After all, every day is already bike to work day in that sense. So I decided to volunteer to help out as an Outreach Host for SVBC at an Energizer Station, to provide information […]

101: revised

I did end up revising my 101 goals, and I’m feeling much better about them. Many of the biggest changes I made were to change “Do all of this” to “Do N of this”, and that had a bigger psychological effect than I realized it might. Knowing that instead of cooking all the rest of […]