Experts and empathy

I recently had a chance to interact with the healthcare system in a way other than routine preventive care or straightforward injury, and it was an interesting reminder about how people outside a system may relate to experts. I think of doctors as experts on the health system of my body, people I consult about what […]

Car2Go website continues to be horrible

I still haven’t used Car2Go, in part because of its horrible web interface, and in part because it never seems to be more convenient than biking or TriMet — there were a few times recently when I would have liked to use it, but I would have needed to walk farther than I could at […]

Car2Go website is just horrible

Inconspicuous login button, disappearing links, ridiculous password requirements, a map interface that would make the Baby Jesus cry… I could detail all the ways it’s totally wrong, but I normally get paid to design and build web applications, and they didn’t ask for my advice, so. It seems really tragic, actually. I think Car2Go is […]

Comcast Fail, let me count the ways

I’ve written before about my struggles with Comcast — they lose payments, they bill incorrectly, and until recently, calling their general customer service from my cell phone was an exercise in frustration because they would redirect me to New Mexico Comcast based on my area code. When closing my account with them, I had another […]

USPS Fail — again!

I was at home today when the postal carrier came by, which turned out to be a good thing, not because he had a package for me, but because he apparently thought I had already moved. I don’t understand, because I filed a change-of-address that had a start date of 6/27/09 (the day I’m moving). […]