The perils of blog-writing

I think writing a single-author, regularly-updated ‘subject’ blog, other than one on cooking (where you at least have the advantage of being able to constantly cook different recipes), must be uniquely challenging, particularly in the area of retaining a long-participating readership. Unlike a personal or news blog, which can draw on natural repositories of new […]

Comment overflow (temporarily) halted

After sorting through the overwhelming mass of spam comments I’ve been getting, I figured out that most of them were attached to one of two or three old posts — presumably posts with keywords or PageRank that the spammers liked. It didn’t look like closing comments on those was going to be a huge issue, […]


I reorganized some blog categories this morning. I’ve been a bit lazy about adding all the categories I want, because it requires more effort than just tagging a post (but also forces you to actually reuse the same categories again and again, so you don’t end up with tagging issues like having “geekyness” and “geekiness” […]

updated webpage

I updated my webpage last night, which I evidently hadn’t done in a couple of years. That’s hard to believe — time has flown. But the content was showing its age, and links to my gallery and blog (which have been set up and working for almost six months now) now exist, which should help […]

Oh boy

The spambots have discovered my blog. Suck! Now I have to see if I can get a plugin working so I don’t have to moderate by hand. But while I am, thank you WP for the Mark all as spam option!


Somehow I managed to miss a few comments that had gone in for moderation. They should be visible now. Comments, yay! Just a reminder: comment here at the site, not on the feed on LiveJournal. I’m not notified about comments on the feed, and they’ll disappear in a few weeks when the syndicated post expires. […]