I can get quite eloquent (and not a little rude) when angry

Guys, it’s time for action on FISA again. NOW. TODAY. I was on blog silence last time this came up, but it’s time again. Start with Glenn Greenwald for a decent overview of the politics. There should be a link in there somewhere explaining the principles too, if you’re not already familiar with the fact that the NSA spied on Americans without warrants, and the telecoms companies (mostly) spinelessly caved and cooperated, despite the fact that it’s completely illegal. Now the telecoms want to be saved from their own idiocy and the NSA wants to keep wiretapping us without warrants. I say no way. Write to your Senators, and Senators Reid (pro-spying) and Dodd (willing to risk a ton of political capital and filibuster any bill with immunity provisions), as well as Sens. Obama and Clinton, who are doing fuck all to help Dodd here because they are more interested in holding office than in doing something with it.

Here’s my letter to Reid. I am more than a little pissed off at him. I resisted using the word “toady” in the letter, but only just.

Senator Reid,

I am disgusted to hear that you are still serving the Bush administration’s agenda on the matter of telecoms immunity and NSA wiretapping as addressed in S.2248, the ‘Protect America’ Act. You reject taking time on this important issue because Senators ‘have places to go.’ In fact, the most important place a Senator can be is on the floor of the Senate, debating matters that are essential for national security. These issues should not be rushed through. You are using this only as an excuse to hurry the bill through, forcing your own party to loudly filibuster this bill, where you have declined to force the opposing party to do the same to similar bills that they don’t want to see pass.

This act will not protect America from anything. It is contrary to the deepest American values to allow spying on Americans without cause, and exempt the perpetrators from responsibility. You are failing in your duty as a leader of your country, you are failing in your duty as a leader of your party, and you are failing in your duty as a citizen and government official to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Reverse your position on this matter. Allow the bill time to be considered. Listen to the many Americans who do not believe that secret spying will make us safer, who want the perpetrators brought through the justice system so that their actions can be fairly and objectively assessed for legality. Listen to the Senators who say that this bill can be passed without these repugnant provisions.

Be a Democrat and a patriot, Mr. Reid. Just this once.


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