Further followup on my post-accident doings:

I never did find Patrick, not that I know what I would do if I did. Tell him to get a light? Ask him to pay me back for my copays?

Because I did end up going to the doctor again. I’ve had a chronic headache since about a week after the accident, and I’ve been sleeping about 150% of normal. The headache is nothing severe, but enough that I’ve sometimes had a hard time doing stuff. I can’t exert myself that much because it makes it worse. I can hike and bike about 5 miles before it really starts bugging me, so it’s not that severe, but I generally don’t even feel like biking at all and walking I prefer to keep to under a mile unless it’s something nice like hiking in the hills.

According to the doctor, I have mild Post-Concussive Syndrome, so I guess I had an unrecognized minor concussion. She said I should take ibuprofen and keep things on the calm side for now, and it should be better in a week or two. Yuck. Advil is good stuff, though.

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