Evocation of a falling empire

Greenwald writes:

That has become Congress’ only role, its only power: to endorse what the President decrees. Like the sad, impotent Roman Senate which existed only to lend its imprimatur to the Emperor’s conduct, the Congress’ only choices are — as it did yesterday — to plead for “re-consideration,” and then, when it’s not forthcoming, either do nothing or endorse the President’s behavior.

Not only a highly evocative description and highly relevant to the latest nonsense on the FISA bill, but one of a falling empire — which is what our country is, in case you haven’t noticed lately. It’s extremely depressing, because instead of just stopping the empire-like behavior, we’re doing crazier and crazier things and managing them worse and worse.

I’m especially discouraged to learn that the other side is smearing the EFF, of all things, lumping them in with rich trial lawyers. Because a non-profit law firm protecting people’s rights is oh-so-lucrative…are they crazy? The EFF is a wonderful organization and personally and civically very dear to me. Which reminds me, where is my checkbook? Time to send them some money.

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