101 in 1001: #2 (pizza) and #60 (tennis)

I knocked off a few more of my goals today, as well as doing my taxes (which were actually pretty easy).

#2: Make my own pizza with no help.
This wasn’t a huge deal because I’ve made pizza a number of times as half a team, but I wanted to do it by myself. I planned to also knock off a few more recipes from VWAV — the tomato sauce, and the potato and tempeh sausage pizza (the pizza dough was already checked off, so this was iteration #2 for it). But my potatoes had started photosynthesizing, so there went that plan. Instead I ended up making the sauce and doing caramelized onions and wilted greens with garlic and a sprinkle of parmesan. It was a really nice combo and I enjoyed it a lot. I did more or less make the sauce from VWAV, though the herbs I changed up a little and the amount of tomatoes wasn’t exactly the same as called for. I thought it was a good base, but I should have put in less liquid, which is probably my own fault. The pizza turned out well anyway; it was nice and crispy on the edges and not really at all soggy in the center. Caramelized onions? Take forever, but totally worth it, especially after deglazing the pan with sherry!

#60: See a live tennis match.
My dad came down to help with taxes, so I mentioned to him that I was thinking of going to see the SAP Open exhibition match tonight. He likes tennis, so he decided to come along, and we had a lot of fun. We got there early and were able to see the end of the day session, which turned out to be a great treat — the players (Jesse Levine and Steve Darcis) were very good and there was a lot of excitement and tension at the end. The exhibition match, between Pete Sampras and Tommy Haas, followed. It was just an amazing thing to watch. Those guys are like poetry in motion, and it was fun to watch Sampras basically just dominate, even after being out of the circuit for a few years (though a tiebreak might have been even more fun). There were some nice long rallies, stunning aces, and great smashes. It’s really better to see in person than on TV. You get more replays and angles on TV. But the grace and power are far more impressive in person. I’m really glad I went, and I’ll probably try to go to more live tennis in the future.

I’m happy to be knocking a few more of these off! I think I’m over 20 now.

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