Tan food

It’s apparently been about six months since I posted any bentos, but I’ve either been lazy about lunch or lazy about photographing it, because I only found five that I haven’t posted. And three of them are not at all photogenic and consist almost entirely of food in varying shades of brown. Lunch doesn’t always have to look good to be tasty.

One of the foods in question is Kasha Varnishkes, which I’ve now made twice using the recipe from Yellow Rose Recipes. I was dubious about it the first time, and I’m still dubious about it now. It’s pasta (bowtie, varnishkes) and buckwheat (kasha), with slightly-browned onions. It strikes me as the kind of thing you love if you love kasha, or if you ate kasha varnishkes growing up when you were picky and hardly ate anything that wasn’t brown, so now even though you eat other things it tastes like comfort to you. I find it bland and a little weird from the buckwheat. On the other hand, it is good comfort food. I’ve been hungry today (riding 15 miles will do that to you) and didn’t have a lot for dinner, so I found myself craving more food, and I went straight for it, ignoring the hummus and Thai curry that are also in the fridge.

I was going to do the bento post on Friday but the pics aren’t on this computer, so it’ll have to wait. I’ve been cooking better lately, so maybe really tasty bentos will be making a more regular appearance soon.

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