2wg bag

After getting some info from the 2WG guys I decided to go with ordering that bag. I hope it’ll work well; I did see some mixed reviews on the good old Internet, mainly that it was not durable enough, especially zippers. We’ll see. I’m pretty good to my equipment. They’ll take it back after 30 days for any reason and up to a year for defects, so I figured I couldn’t lose (much).

The questions I asked were:

Is it easy and quick to get on and off the bike?
Will my lunch jar fit in (measurements given)?

The answers were yes, and yes, according to them. The attachment process is top hooks for the rack plus two bottom rings and securing straps (velcro). I was charmed to hear that apparently the guy who answered my email won a wager that a 5-year-old could do it herself after a demo. I’m smarter than a 5-year-old — I hope!

The lunch jar would fit in a shoe pocket (what I thought, but I wanted confirmation). They also suggested they could custom-make one that would fit the lunch jar on top (in the area where you can stuff a few extra things), but I don’t think it’s necessary nor is it ideal to have the jar on its side. Still, I thought it was very thoughtful of them to suggest it. I’m looking forward to trying the bag out on the rack I ordered from Nashbar (a Blackburn EX-1) and finally being a proper cargo-carrying commuter.

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