101: revised

I did end up revising my 101 goals, and I’m feeling much better about them. Many of the biggest changes I made were to change “Do all of this” to “Do N of this”, and that had a bigger psychological effect than I realized it might. Knowing that instead of cooking all the rest of recipes from Vegan With a Vengeance I’ve now picked 25 that particularly appeal to me (I plan to do 20 of them) makes me a lot more excited about doing them, because I know they’re the ones I’m excited about. Likewise for Stairway Walks of San Francisco — I know all the stairway walks in that book are nifty, but knowing I can finish that one by just picking a small variety that particularly appeal to me makes things easier, more fun, and more concrete.

In fact, I’ve already got ingredients for two new recipes this week: orange-glazed beets and sweet potato hash with five-spice and watercress. And per Shari’s request I may post pictures, even if it isn’t very photogenic in the end.

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