Everyone wonders

I came across this comment on a bike blog I found while trying to figure out what the vertical footage of Waves to Wine is:

I’m considering doing the STP in a day. Though for me it may be just a bit insane as I don’t get anywhere near the riding in that you do, but I downloaded a training schedule from Cascade and Cycle U and it seems possible. At 56 though, I’m wondering if I am being unrealistic in my goal setting.

Well, you can second-guess yourself for all kinds of reasons. Age. Commitment. Priorities. Whatever. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one doing it.

I think I should go for it. But I wish someone would tell me how much climbing it is. Why the lack of info? The only thing I could find was old ’02 and ’03 reports that totaled around 3000-3500 feet, but the route is different now (it used to start from Santa Rosa both days).

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