I reorganized some blog categories this morning. I’ve been a bit lazy about adding all the categories I want, because it requires more effort than just tagging a post (but also forces you to actually reuse the same categories again and again, so you don’t end up with tagging issues like having “geekyness” and “geekiness” both as tags) so I went back and added some.

I also moved Cycling into its own top-level category. It’s by far my most heavily-used category (except for “Personal” which is a default category), and with all the recreational cycling and Waves to Wine stuff I’ve been doing, I wanted to have a category for that, which didn’t fit into its previous home under Transportation Alternatives. The category structure is more complicated now, but it reflects reality better.

I also moved the categories and links around, so that “links” is at the top now and includes a link to my Waves to Wine personal page. You can donate there, and I’d love to start getting some donations (W2W is less than three months away now, and I’m doing formal base-building to prepare for training, which will start in July), so if you have a spare few dollars and want to donate, please use that link. I really am happy with any amount of donation, so don’t feel it has to be a lot. If you have any trouble donating let me know. I haven’t tried to use their system yet, but hopefully it’s pretty good.

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