Ride report: First W2W weekend training ride

Ride stats:
DST: 29.8 (target 30)
AVS: 14.7 (go me, target was really around 14)
MXS: 30.7 (Woodside descent)
Ride time: 2:01
Total time: 2:30

Route: Laurel > Valparaiso > Alameda > Woodside > Cañada to 92, back the same route except Valparaiso > Middlefield > Willow > Alma > Burgess to add a bit more distance at the end (otherwise the ride is only 28 mi). The ride is straightforward, pretty, and varied (lots of rolling hills, one steep climb and some flats), so it’s a good route.

Things I learned:
I’m not that slow as long as there aren’t too many steep hills. I don’t think this helps for Waves to Wine, unfortunately. :)
Any ride longer than 15 miles should use the Camelbak — not because I necessarily need that much water, but because I am not very good at either stopping to drink frequently or drinking from a bottle while ensaddled.
It’s a good idea to have food along (I learned this because I had food and felt inclined to eat, not because I neglected it).
I need a new, narrower saddle for my road bike.
I need a new helmet that doesn’t make my head hurt.
I may need gel shoe inserts.
I should bring a Buff to wipe up sweat if it’s hot.
Chamois cream stuff is awesome (but I learned that on the Sequoia ride already).
People don’t really stop at the Whiskey Hill stop sign. Because they are jerks? I don’t know.
I usually am stopped/resting 15 minutes of each hour of riding (so 1:00 hr ride time = 1:15 total time — not 0:45 ride = 1:00 hr total).
I’m no longer having serious issues around 20 miles but I do still start to feel more soreness/numbness around then.
It’s dirty out today — the crappy air quality can actually be seen in the amount of grit on my face.
I should remember to put on sunscreen.

Also learned: I kind of rock. Riding is so much fun and I’m getting better at it!

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