The 101, trimmed

I was starting to find my 101 list very hard to read, especially with all the commentary and editing I had done, so here is the trimmed-down current list. Completed or negated goals removed, including completed parts of goals (so, e.g. sushi and onigiri is now just onigiri), and all goals in edited form only. (I went on an editing spree a while back when I decided I had made this too hard and it was annoying me.)

Reposted from the original, and from 101 in 1001: my list (go there if you want to see where I’m at with commentary/completion dates).

My 1001 days goes until Nov. 9, 2009. When a task is complete, I’ll remove it from this list, strike it out on the original and note the completion date, and perhaps post about it.
I’m substantially behind percentage-wise, but W2W ’08 was not initially on my list of goals, so I’m interested to see what will happen after I finish that.

1. Bake my own yeasted bread.
3. Make vegetarian tom kha gai that I like so much I actually want to make it again right away.
5. Compile all my regularly-used recipes into a personal storage system (database, recipe box, website).
6. Make onigiri.
7. Cook a full Japanese vegetarian meal.
8. Make 20 more Vegan With a Vengeance recipes from among a list of recipes that pop out to me as interesting (recorded elsewhere).
9. Go a whole week without eating random crap as a substitute for any meal. Making progress in understanding why this happens.
11. Find a recipe with barley but no mushrooms that’s tasty and easy.
12. Figure out how to use amaranth so it tastes good.

13. San Diego Zoo
15. Seattle
19. Washington DC and see friends/family there.
20. Yosemite.

Local Interest
24. Hike on Angel Island.
26. See the Monterey aquarium.
27. Camp in Big Sur.
28. Go on 6 more new-to-me stairway walks listed in the Stairway Walks in San Francisco book.
29. Photodocument at least 2 more of the stairway walks.
30. Ride on each of the ten public transit systems that reach the inner Bay Area at least once specifically to see new destinations.
31. Visit the area around the five remaining Caltrain stops I haven’t explored: 22nd St, Broadway, Belmont, Lawrence, and Santa Clara (walk or bike around, go to a restaurant or place of interest).
34. Go wine-tasting again in Napa or Sonoma or Santa Cruz county.
35. Visit 3 more museums in the Bay Area.

37. Give up soda except for at parties/dining out.
38. [private]
40. Make emergency preparedness kit and keep it stocked (rotate perishables).
41. Stop feeling my blood pressure go through the roof when I see cyclists on the sidewalk. I’m making progress on this. Toronto helped, and for a while I thought I was cured, but I still get a strong aversive reaction at first.

42. Ride a century. (Does not have to be in a race.) I’ve ridden several half-century-length rides in prep for W2W 2008. The century will have to wait for next year at a minimum…
45. Ride my bike everywhere I need to go for a week. (No transit or anyone else’s car!)
46. Get a cart for my bike to haul stuff, or a cargo bike, or retrofit current city bike as cargo bike.

51. Grow 3 herb plants for a season.
52. Frame at least 10 of my interesting posters and best photographs.
53. Get a cat.
54. Take another Pilates class and develop a routine I do at least once a week.
55. Get strong enough to do 50 modified pushups (allowed to do 2 sets of 25 but no smaller ones count).
56. Get strong enough to do a bridge.
57. Stretch 3x per week for 1 month.
58. Find a massage therapist and get a massage every 3-6 months.
63. Go running at least 20 mins 1x/week for 1 month.
64. Do Feldenkrais 2x per week for 1 month.

67. Tag all my past LiveJournal entries in both journals.
68. Set up a regular backup routine for my computer.
70. Set up “data guardian” mutuality with someone.
71. Don’t check my email, blogs, etc. at home for one week while not on vacation.

72. Learn conversational French or German and return Spanish to fluent-level.
73. Learn all the countries of the world: name, capital, and location.
74. Meditate 3x per week for a month.
75. Submit a linguistics paper for consideration for a conference or journal.
76. Attend a course about sustainable living (permaculture, etc).
77. Knit at least a scarf.
78. Find a spiritual group that I feel comfortable with and go to a gathering at least six times.
80. Read the book Design Patterns.

81. Volunteer in a non-advocacy way. E.g. Humane Society or teaching reading at the Menlo Park library.
82. Do something where I play at least once a month, like start a clarinet choir with my friends in the area or buy a recorder and play it during lunch breaks.
83. Do/help organize in a board game or dinner party night five times.
84. Draw at least 15 pictures in my art notebook.
85. Procure the complete works of Eddie From Ohio, Carbon Leaf, and Mary Chapin Carpenter.
86. Explore my whole music collection and make a list of new artists to check out.
87. Donate blood. (This counts if I go and find out I can’t for some reason. If I can, I have to do it at least twice.)
89. Write to or call [family] at least once a month.
90. Help put the family photo albums into new albums on archive quality paper with labels.
91. Try to negotiate a change in policy by an organization that affects me.

94. Get renter’s insurance.
95. Make a will.

97. Finish watching the complete Buffy seasons. Currently in mid-S3.
98. Read 5 books about modern politics (no biographies).
99. Read all fiction Cory Doctorow has published.
100. Read 8 more books about European history (max 3 more books can be about the UK).
101. Watch two modern movies and read two modern books in Spanish.

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