Shiny $1000 goal

I started out my Waves to Wine fundraising nervous, thinking I would probably barely meet the minimum $350 since I didn’t plan to be at all aggressive about it. I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the people I’ve spoken to about it. Some of you are my family and close friends, some of you are work colleagues and new friends, some of you are people I hardly know, and all of you are generous beyond belief.

I’ve upped my fundraising goal several times as I collected donations, finally setting it at $1000 a few weeks ago. Today I reached that goal. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. As the day approaches, I’m getting nervous, knowing that from here on all I can do is maintain, recharge, and hope my training has been adequate, and it’s a great comfort and inspiration to know that so many people are thinking of me.

If you were thinking of donating to me, but hadn’t got around to it yet, well, I’ve well-exceeded my original hopes: may I suggest one of my terrific teammates?

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