Tasty words

Well, I must eat some of my words at least — there actually are turn-by-turn directions for the W2W routes on the site. Of course, they’ve nicely spelled “bear” in “bear right” as “bare”. Naked rights? I hope not. And both days are listed as Saturday!

Several thoughtful people even put them into Bikely.

Day 1 with Cue Sheet, but last year’s route Looks the same as our route though.
Day 1 without Cue Sheet, but with slightly better road-following Unclear whether this is this year or last year.
Day 2, similar to previous

Definitely this year:
Day 1 But unfortunately this has a spurious bit that I can’t correlate to the cue sheet on the site, so I’m assuming it’s a Bikely road-follow mistake — unfortunately makes it pretty useless because all the distances and the profile are wrong.
Day 2 This one seems to be correct. Look at the climb in the last few miles….ugh!

At any rate, this looks like the 4500 ft quoted in the latest materials is close to correct, and the second day is actually a bit tougher than listed, close to the same.

I’m not feeling so well today (didn’t sleep well, not riding). Hoping I feel better in a day or two.

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