The first e-book reader I’ve ever seen that I actually want.

The content doesn’t sound very interesting (I prefer books to newspapers and magazines, so an e-book reader without a book supplier is less than exciting — and I want to be able to load my own stuff on, so no/minimal DRM and other nonsense) but the form factor is awesome. This is what I feel like everyone has (or at least I have) been waiting for in e-book reading — a device that is cooler than a book. And I’m kind of addicted to touchscreen technology, so the fact that it’s touchscreen is great.

And someday it might be flexible. Even better.

The only thing I want to know is how breakable it is right now. It looks like you could just snap it in half. If you’ve gotta put a huge case on it, the thinness and sexiness goes away.

But dude. Want!

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