After my first year of employment (I think first full year, but it doesn’t really matter to this story) I had saved more money than I expected. I was telling my mom this and that I really wasn’t sure how I’d done it, since I didn’t keep a good budget (I still don’t; it is something I really need to work on).

Later on we were talking about the farmer’s market and how sometimes the stuff there is really cheap and awesome (like beets and carrots and basil for $1 per relevant unit), and sometimes it’s expensive but worth it, but sometimes it’s just expensive. So then I don’t buy it, most of the time. Arugula [rocket, for you UK people], for example, is very expensive at the farmer’s market, and cheaper at Trader Joe’s — but I don’t actually buy it in either case, because it’s expensive at both places. So I joked that I saved all my money by not buying arugula.

But I do buy arugula sometimes, and whenever I do I remember why it’s sometimes worth it. It’s sour and peppery, and it’s so easy to make it into a tasty salad. This time I stuck an avocado I’ve had for a while, raspberries, walnuts, and red pepper into the bowl, and drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it. And it’s a slightly funny-sounding combination, but it just tastes GOOD, and has all these fun texture contrasts. The same salad with a not-arugula green wouldn’t be nearly as tasty.

And that’s why arugula is sometimes better than saving money.

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