Winter lethargy

I seem to have been overcome by winter lethargy lately. Not severely so, but enough that I’ve noticed my demotivation. It’s funny because I am not a fan of the concept that winter is not ‘cycling season’, but I really just don’t feel like riding in the cold and rain very much. I’m missing the sunshine. I also don’t feel much like cooking, which is weird because usually the winter sends me into baking, casserole, and soup mode. I don’t even really feel like shopping for food. I feel like reading and drinking hot drinks, and that’s about it.

Any suggestions for defeating the winter blahs? Or for good activities that go with it, but still encourage me to get things done/try new things? (Reading, movie-watching, and hot drinks are already on the list.) This is kind of a new deal for me — like I said, I don’t normally react to winter this way, so I’m hoping some suggestions might reinvigorate me.

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