Seattle, part 2

My Sunday in Seattle was slightly less ad-hoc than Saturday. I spent the day with my best friend from graduate school and her husband and brother- and sister-in-law. Our first stop was Cafe Flora, which is I think better than the Yelp reviews suggest (for those of you who automatically go Yelp any restaurant someone mentions). It probably doesn’t exceed Greens, but it’s nearly on par — perhaps better for some items — and much cheaper. The apple-cinnamon rolls were fantastic, their rosemary lemonade and cranberry ginger drinks were yummy, and the sides of potatoes with the brunch dishes were absolutely perfect. There were a few oddities — the beignets were dry, and the “Bloody Flora” had a few too many pickled vegetables for nearly anyone’s taste. My tomatoes included the core, which seemed careless to me.

Afterward we went to REI (the flagship store — huge!) and then on to Discovery Park, which was fantastic. I neglected to bring my camera on our walk/hike, and missed a wonderfully rainy view out over the Sound (we missed the rain, but it was raining out there and it came it not long after we got back) and some beautiful purple flowers with water droplets from the earlier rain. Upon further research I find that they’re sweet pea flowers! Very nice. We also saw an owl and a chipmunk. What a great park. Now that I’ve seen Seattle’s park I’m doubly motivated to explore the one practically on my doorstep (Forest Park).

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