Dear social networks

Dear Facebook,

You know all those people with whom I have mutual friends? The ones you like to suggest I befriend? Did you ever wonder if there might be a reason why I am not friends with those people?

Please stop telling me who you think I should be friends with, or suggesting that my friends need more friends.

Also, please stop telling me who to poke. That sort of thing is best left to those of us with a speck of human judgment.


Dear OKCupid,

Thanks for telling me, on my receipt of a message from a new sender, that you think we both like “Vegetarian”, “Ender’s Game” and “Hiking.” Because there’s no possible way I could figure that out for myself.

Also, “you both like Vegetarian” is not grammatical.

Adjectives are not Nouns

Is anyone else annoyed by the way social networks seem to be positioning themselves as knowing far more than their users do about who their users want to interact with?

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