Car2Go website is just horrible

Inconspicuous login button, disappearing links, ridiculous password requirements, a map interface that would make the Baby Jesus cry…
I could detail all the ways it’s totally wrong, but I normally get paid to design and build web applications, and they didn’t ask for my advice, so.

It seems really tragic, actually. I think Car2Go is a great idea, but dear god the website makes me want to shoot myself in the head instead of renting a car, and there’s no reason why it has to be that way; there are lots of competent web designers and coders out there (both in Portland and not). And it’s not like they didn’t have Zipcar as a model to make the website not suck. I don’t love Zipcar’s website, but it’s pretty friendly and straightforward and it works fine most of the time.

I guess I’ll just rent my Cars2Go spontaneously for the time being…

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