I hate everything about this menu.

Multnomah County Library (which I do love, sincerely) redesigned their website recently. The redesign was much-needed and a lot of things have improved, but this menu, I absolutely hate.

Borrowing menu

They managed to pack so many wrong things into one little menu!

  • The title is unecessarily long, strangely cased, and punctuated.
  • The title has a drop arrow next to it. The drop arrow, in case you were wondering, doesn’t do anything.
  • There are only three things you can do, and each one, for some reason, has its own heading and section.
  • Each of the first two headings is followed by a link that is almost identical both in wording and in color.
  • The last heading is “other” which is the most useless heading ever. It screams “We were supposed to have a header, because we have them, but we don’t need one.”

Every time I go on there I try to click the headings. Because they look the same. As the links! Argh!

Let me fix that for you:

There, isn’t that better? I mean, don’t make the B by penciling it in, you have the font available, but seriously, isn’t that better?

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