Reminder on W2W donations

I’ve had a few people at various points request reminders and a link pointer on Waves to Wine donations. As the time begins to approach (and my training ramps up, as you can see by the blog posts) I would really appreciate your support, and more importantly, so would the people the money will benefit, […]

Ride report: Saturday 2 — Longest ride without a long break

DST: 33.7 (target 34) AVS: 13.5 (eh) MXS: 32.4 (don’t know – on Cañada somewhere I think) Ride time: 2:29 Total time: 2:45 My route today is really too long to describe because I did some squirrelly things to add distance and interest, but the main streets were: Santa Cruz (via Menlo neighborhoods) > Junipero […]