Peevishly honored

I got linked by Arnold Zwicky! The trackback ended up on the first entry in that month, because his link doesn’t lead to the entry itself, but rather to all entries for the month of August, of which that one appears to be first, but is actually the last. In blogging “the last shall be […]

How to write a good bug report

A friend of mine was complaining tonight about how people don’t write good bug reports. A Google search for “how to write good bug reports” turned up some sensible advice on the subject, but mostly verbose and poorly-written. The best advice I ever got about how to write good bug reports was from my former […]

Trust Google Maps

[Didn’t post this because I kept thinking I would add pictures, but it might as well be accessible while I fail to do so.] A few weeks ago after work I was going to Merit Vegetarian Restaurant (548 Lawrence Expwy, Sunnyvale, CA). I asked Google Maps how to get there, since I haven’t been there […]

Resumptive pronoun hunt resumed

I haven’t found any new written resumptive pronouns in a while, but I discovered one today on the TinyURL website: Are you posting something that you don’t want people to know what the URL is because it might give away that it’s an affiliate link? Well, if you are, I suggest that you not use […]

Privacy, etc. II

I got some offline feedback on my last entry, with the effect that I rethought a few things. Here are some of the new thoughts: Anonymity. The way I defined this previously was “being out in public without being notable”. This isn’t a very good definition, because, as Gavin pointed out, anonymity actually has a […]

Privacy, Accessibility, and Notability

As a result of some long-ago and more recent conversations with smart friends of mine, I came up with some interesting thoughts about privacy. I don’t fully understand the legal umbrella of privacy, but it seems to me that there are a few distinct concepts that it would be useful to introduce into quasi-legal/common-sense discussions […]

Why does everyone love Gmail themes?

I hate them. Why does everyone talking about them on the internet seem to love them, except one guy who twittered that he hates them? Oh, and someone who thinks the “older version” solves it. No it doesn’t; the older version doesn’t have chat! Dear Google, Please give me back my old Gmail (with chat, […]


It’s sort of unfortunate when people who may have a point undermine themselves with hyperbole, hand-wringing, and inaccuracy. I got pointed via BoingBoing to what should have been an interesting article about the people behind the sources of Facebook’s funding. I’m no particular fan of Facebook, especially because it just seems to get more and […]

Peeve cubed

I don’t plan to make a habit of this, but I would like to say that I think Language Log has thoroughly worn out its/their welcome on entries that solely constitute being peeved by people being peeved about (various things) about language. It’s still moderately interesting when they explore the history and usage of the […]