Tasty words

Well, I must eat some of my words at least — there actually are turn-by-turn directions for the W2W routes on the site. Of course, they’ve nicely spelled “bear” in “bear right” as “bare”. Naked rights? I hope not. And both days are listed as Saturday! Several thoughtful people even put them into Bikely. Day […]

Shiny $1000 goal

I started out my Waves to Wine fundraising nervous, thinking I would probably barely meet the minimum $350 since I didn’t plan to be at all aggressive about it. I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the people I’ve spoken to about it. Some of you are my family and close friends, […]

Entering week 9

I took a small detour from my normal route this morning to avoid construction and happened on a park in Palo Alto I didn’t know existed. My world felt a bit wider and brighter after that. I’m getting to the point in training where I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about riding my bike so much. There […]