Vegan WTF coordination

I saw an example in the wild world of vegan blogging today of what Language Log calls WTF coordination (aka syllepsis): With a dough hook and the mixer running, add remaining flour and knead another 5 minutes. If this sentence doesn’t strike you as strange, note that “a dough hook” and “the mixer running” are […]

Chocolate vanilla

My new lotion (Alaffia Shea Butter Lotion) smells like Tofutti Cuties. The official scent is Vanilla Mocha, so it fits, but it’s a little odd for lotion to smell like a vegan dessert. I preferred my previous Tangerine Ginger, though what I’d really like is the Lavender Mint. Hmm, maybe I should mix the Dr. […]

Tan food II: Bento Catchup

The promised post with tan food bentos! Very exciting, I know. Soup bowl: Gravy Main bowl: Mashed potatoes Large bowl: Chickpea cutlet Small bowl: Chocolate chip cookie This is probably the most tan bento. The chickpea cutlets are from Veganomicon. They’re made with chickpeas, wheat gluten flour, and some tasty seasoning. The lemon zest makes […]

Tan food

It’s apparently been about six months since I posted any bentos, but I’ve either been lazy about lunch or lazy about photographing it, because I only found five that I haven’t posted. And three of them are not at all photogenic and consist almost entirely of food in varying shades of brown. Lunch doesn’t always […]

Eating consciously

I’m the last person you’d think would claim to need to work on my food intake. I cook for myself and eat mostly whole foods (in spite of my obsession with chocolate mint cookies). But I feel like I haven’t really been pushing myself to eat sensibly, on the excuse that given that I buy […]